Thoughts For the Letter Writing

Recently Pat and I talked about what Don said about his experience of our combined letter writing.

These were the last and most horrific days, of course, as the ALS Sufferer particularly, systematically loses the use of all of his body extremities, so it was important that the right person for this, a trusted intimate person, be open to being compassionately empathetic and communicate about Those feelings as they come.

Pat was the right person to listen to Don’s feelings. I would have done this too, but he did not write back to me. I purposely made it my Mission to vicariously share with Don and didn’t expect him to write back at all. It was just my gift to him to share normal real life, the day to day.

I do believe that the Universe set up all three of us to learn what we needed to learn separately about this Letter Writing Mission, so the whole of the service could be accomplished with whichever was possible for the letter writer. We got a Crash Course and all the Details quickly for this whole Mission!

A friend who used to be a Life Flight Nurse but is now a Home Health Nurse had a patient who had ALS. I mentioned the Mission to him in all of the details and he was able to suggest to his patient’s college children to write vicarious letters to their father. It made a huge difference to this man’s family! The father got to share his children’s experience and the children were able to have their last year be one of intimate closeness with their dad. Isn’t that marvelous! This Mission is just one of communicating in love, honesty, compassion, humor and appreciation. Truly an opportunity to bless another and make a huge difference.






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