Positive Thoughts for Don and Now Centering


As Don’s life progressed, he found himself in unhappy circumstances and I was a person he would talk with when he was sometimes dealing with Depression.

This picture actually looks like Don! For real!

I was in Unity and as I mentioned studied with a Zen Master, so I was trying to practice Meditation as well as metaphysical thinking (beyond the physical thinking), which dealt with positive affirmations.  Don was open to my offerings of positive affirmations. He was a most unusual person to give these ideas to because he usually entirely understood the process right away.  He would practice the specifics fully and easily during that particular time and would feel better for two or three weeks.

This also was the same for Meditation which is notoriously very challenging to understand and practice. For me it took many years to be able quiet my mind. Don on the other hand, dropped into it right away fully understanding the process. That was a surprise to me!

Now as I have progressed, I have consistently wanted to get to an easier, faster way of Meditation and so try every simplification that crosses my path.  Here is the Very Easiest one I have come across. It is from Abraham-Hicks, a group of non-physical beings, who teach Meditation this way paraphrased from my memory. I use it daily:

Find a quiet place. The posture does not matter, what matters is to be as comfortable as possible. I use this technique lying down or sitting up.

I think of it as “Putting my mind on Pause”, which is not a new idea, but one that works for me. So, I am comfortable, breathing and focusing as high in my head as I can, or beyond my head if possible, with just the idea of putting my mind on Pause. I just ignore any thoughts that come forth and rest in Pause.  When my body gives me the indication that I am not in control, but something else is, and this will always be with more and more intense feelings of Joy as I continue to just let my mind be on Pause, then I Know I am Connected with my Higher Self. This is my personal connection with Source, God, the Divine or however the Highest is translated to you. 

When I come out of Meditation, still in the feelings of Joy and Connection, then and only then do I ask questions that pertain to my life. I have found that when I ask these questions then, I either know my right answer immediately or I don’t get an answer right t but because I have asked my Highest Self, my Source that knows all for me, without trying to control the outcome, I am able to trust that I will know the correct answer for me when it is presented somehow in life. That means I can relax and just wait for the right answer to come.

This is a very freeing and simple this way of Meditation that definitely works! It is possible for anyone to do it truly. The good feelings that come from Meditation are wonderful to bask in and the answers that come forth are priceless. I hope you will give it a chance.