Deepening Process - March 20th

If you are a Blessing Giver, I would like to invite you for two powerful processes in a small group setting.
The first is the Four Baskets, which is essentially experiencing your birth from conception through the first few weeks of life, and how this has affected your whole life. With knowledge greater inner joy in now a possibility!

The next is Kundalini Yoga! Here your questions will be answered and you will have the opportunity to participate in Kundalini processes directly from Oneness University. According to the teachers at Oneness University it is essential for the Kundalini to be flowing to experience Awakening.
So come join us and learn about the Kundalini and its connection for yourself to your own Divine and your experience of Awakening.
  • When: Sunday, March 20th
  • What Time: 1:00 PM - early evening
  • Where: My home in Blue Springs
  • Cost: $35
Please register early, space is limited and the class will be tailored to you.

Please call for questions, directions, and/or to RSVP
Catherine Frink, 816-229-5013