Oneness Awakening Course, Sept 17-19

With great joy and deep peace, I invite you to join me for our Oneness Awakening Course This is an opportunity to dive deep into an experiential weekend of the divine as it lives in you. I will be doing my best to create as close an experience for you as possible, of how it was in India... The course will be held mostly in silence for the participants. Be prepared for miracles.

We will be doing process designed to provide us with the practices that help us to return to oneness when we catch our selves buying into our egos. An analogy I like using is of a chalk board. Imagine there is an eternal black board. It is always write on it and life writes on it. All you have to do is erase it and their you are....still there. the primordial self....the divine...the oneness, it has always been there. Sometimes, perhaps most of the time...we identify with the content written on the board rather than the board itself. That doesn't mean that it is not still there. Being oneness is our nature. Remembering is as quick and easy as erasing the black board to return to your original divine self. the key is remembering. This course is about living in that remembrance...sharing the experience of that that all it takes is a breath in presence, a moment of silence, and you remember....this always has been...and always will be.

We will spend all of Saturday immersed in practices that Sri Baghavan has given to us to help us experience and remember our state of Mukthi (freedom from conflict) and God consciousness through the Mukthi Deeksha and 64 Deeksha process following on Sunday.

You will leave with tools to support your ongoing Oneness experience, written instruction, a picture of Amma and Bhagavan and an official certificate from the Oneness University.
Thus far the intention that I am holding for this process is that we clearly realize our particular divine purpose....and my prayer is that we release everything that stands in the way of the fulfillment of that purpose with ease and joy. The second part of that prayer is that we open with gratitude to receive everything we need to fulfill that purpose now. Whether you can make it or not....your joining in this prayer for our Oneness Awakening course will be greatly appreciated...and why not add yourself to this intention too?

The process will take place at the beautiful home of Kathleen Kelly located in Overland Park, KS. Her property backs up to a nature trail. Part of our process will be an attunement with nature....walking on the earth with presence and awareness, eating with awareness, and just being with awareness.

It is recommended to eat lightly as you prepare for the weekend, and refrain from drugs and alchohol the week before. We will not be leaving for meals. We will be providing nourishing vegetarian meals, (not vegan), herbal teas and fresh fruit and nuts. Anything else that you need please bring. We have wonderful water for all.

Our schedule will vary depending on how we feel at the end of each segment of the course. One thing we learned in India was to go with the flow. I have a basic idea of how things will go...but I feel it is essential when working with such profound energies that we be flexible and respond to the energy as it arises. Everything essential will be covered - you will see!

I invite you now to look and see if this is the Oneness Awakening Course for you. If it is, please contact me and let me know soon. You can prepay via PayPal, just visit the Registration Page.

Because it is at Kathleen's home, the numbers of people are limited so please register early.

The dates are Friday Sept. 17th at 7:00 PM thru Sunday the 19th. Friday night we will get started. Saturday we will begin early in the morning at 8:00 AM and continue through Sunday until we are complete.

The cost of the weekend is $195 for those taking the course for the first time and $95 for those who are already Oneness Blessing Givers. If you know that you are meant to be in the course and you don't have the full amount. Please contact me. I am sure that something can be worked out.