My Story

Before the Oneness Blessing I was an outcast in my family of origin. I had been on a spiritual journey for many years and my prayer had been to heal my family if it was possible. (Not really believing it would be possible).

I had worked for years at a job I had liked but now found boring. I was in a good marriage, but had issues with our son and some troubling issues with friends… the same issues even if the friends changed. All of this had sent me on a spiritual quest 30 years before, yet I was still struggling with the same issues—really seeing no way out.

My first experience with the Oneness Blessing was in February 2007. My job had ended and I felt I was given the task by my Divine at that time, to clear up my mother’s relationships in the family. She had dementia and was 91 years old. I began using the Hawaiian forgiveness prayer as though I was her: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you, to the members of my family. One night after this process I had a dream, where a woman came, and gave me the most powerful eye blessing. The blessing went straight into my heart and was the most powerful love by far I had ever experienced!

Soon after I was given a book about Deeksha and found at the end of the book, where I was in the dream, Monte Sereno, California, which was where the Oneness Movement was located in the US at that time. I felt Amma had found me and I sought to become involved.

Eventually my Mother made her transition and the day after she visited me out of the body. This was my very first experience of this kind! Her message to me was “I want to thank you for the work you’ve been doing for me this past year, you helped me make my Transition… and I want to thank you on behalf of the family.” This made me understand the power of forgiveness and perhaps why Amma chose to find me.

The Oneness Movement had just begun offering the Oneness University in Fiji so I attended the first Prep Class for it. There I had a powerful healing of my relationship with my father who had been passed on for 19 years. The weekend happened to be Father’s Day weekend so the process was about healing the relationship with your father. My father, who had been an alcoholic in life and also very unsupportive showed up and danced the Wedding Dance with me in a meditation for an hour and a half. He was present for me and I felt his support. It has permanently healed our relationship. I love my father now and I know he loves me.

After that experience I wanted to do whatever I could to help the Oneness Movement. That was such a miracle for me! I wanted to be involved so that others could have miracles like that too to free their lives.

It took two years to save the money to go to Fiji. (That too was a miracle because I didn’t have a job, yet the money came to my husband and me).

In Fiji, Level 1, they guided me to a lovely Divine, which really helped me; it was Amma, Bhagavan and Jesus. Each process this Divine rotated around me one on my right, one at my back, one on my left –
then the next process they moved around. It was a great comfort and support for me.

I found out in Fiji that my biggest problem came when my little brother was born, at 14 months of age, and I was possessive of my mother. This carried over to all of my relationships and was my biggest problem in my life.

Next I wanted to become a Trainer and was able to go to India in May of 2010. Here the Divine had plans for me. (By this time another one in my Divine group had been added, one not my Divine Self). The last day of the Trainer’s Course we were brought to the Temple in the morning and began the 64 Deeksha Process. I had not experienced it at that time. After the first circle, during the second, my Divine showed up and asked me if I was willing – I said, “Yes for whatever you want from me”. They then began coaching me in focusing on the chakras and opened up my Kundalini. First, in a sweet gentle way for the first Kundalini experience. Then they began in earnest. The Kundalini began roaring from my Root Chakra up to the Crown Chakra. Then they coached me to focus on each chakra individually, even having me do a specific hand posture to isolate the first three chakras. It made it easier for me to focus. I found my body doing the Breath of Fire automatically, and was coached by my Divine to keep my mind as quiet as possible for each Chakra as I focused. They hovered above in my mind in a joyous group and their message was “Now this is Worship!”

They threw me to my feet in reverence and directed with each Kundalini experience that I was to show reverence in gratitude for the Divine! They also let me know that this was not an isolated incident. They would give me the Kundalini experience any time and wanted me to participate in it always with the focus, “This is Worship!”

My inner life after the Trainers Course became sweeter and sweeter. I was just a happier me and many of my relationships benefited. I still had problems, though, and wanted to do all I could to be available for the Divine.

With money from my Mother’s inheritance to me, I was able to go to India again in October, 2010 for the 28 days of the Deepening Course.

What a wonderful and fascinating journey! Each class is so interesting and fun. The Divine had ample opportunity without interference from my mind to get to the bottom of what is out of balance. With every way of being, I was to let go of, by the Divine, the joy just shot up! Again and again, even in pain, or whatever I was having to look at, I was so grateful for my magnificent inner life with my wonderful Divine.

Some of the most wonderful and sacred experiences I had at the Deepening Course were; I am now able to close my eyes and see my Divine and communicate with them any time (this continues today). I experienced Bhagavan as stars filling up the Universe and me in the middle of the stars feeling totally known, loved and supported.  Another sacred experience is that I was given my Divine Self back by the rest of my Divine, which of course I had left by my choices and had forgotten, and now she is part of my Divine! All 5 of my Divine compose my Divine Family.

Now it is two years later, April of 2013,  and I am again back from another 28 day Deepening Program -- this time officially Awakened!! What a different experience it is to be home and to feel so differently!

Finally my brain has really changed.That is the only explanation for it. "Charges" of intense negative emotional feelings of any kind are hardly present in the most stressful situations, such as losing luggage in Germany, severely spraining my foot and needing to be in a wheel chair, or my son losing his job.  Its wonderfully different and I wish this peaceful inner experience for everyone   My Divine and all the help from the Oneness Blessing and Oneness University were able to make a permanent change for the better.  Thank God from the bottom of my heart.