Sheila sent this as a testimonial in Albuquerque and has given me permission to share it.
"Just wanted to share a few lines about my experience.  Truthfully, my interest in Oneness was dwindling.  There were other speakers and teachers that I was listening to that were resonating more with me.  All good and the same or similar message.  Some here in the US.  However, one day in October 2012, I was speaking to Jan Lanning on the phone and she told me of a visiting woman who just came back from India.  She will be speaking at my house tomorrow Jan said.  I could sure use some good company right now.  May I come, I asked.  Of course she said, absolutely!

Little did I know what I was in for.  She actually spent the day with us, sharing her story from India and doing processes.  She said that Bhagavan asked her to share Kundalini with us.  Faithful to her mission she did just that.  She was unique in her leadership and teaching and I was very inspired.  Several things happened that day and I opened up again with renewed interest and energy and love for the Oneness process.  If anyone, maybe Alana, has her name and e-mail I would love to thank her personally.  Katherine is all I know her by and I may not have the spelling correct.

Since then, I have been talking to my Divine every day, many times a day, and wonderful things are happening.  It seems like everything is falling into place.  I even have a trip planned to go to India on January 19 for the Deepening.  I never thought that would happen."

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