Lovely Muslim couple, only married 10 days. We met at an extensive alligator park in India. They sweetly told me all about their marriage customs, and how she rejected two previous offers as marriages are arranged. He is "the one"!

Awe India!
Each carving out of one huge bolder.

Family Karma Homa.  My spot right here in front. What a blessing!   A Homa is an ancient fire ritual.

Before the Homa started, all assembled for the facilitator.

About 120 individual Homas this day.

My Homa.

Indian Ocean.

Since coming home from India for the third time, April 8, 2013, I would say that my experience has been one of constant processing. Now, because of the Awakening I really know that this is
a concentrated effort of looking within and "being with" whatever is there. No blame for others of course.

I have gotten a lot of help with this. "One" is the idea from Michael Singer's book, The Untethered Soul, where he says, whatever feeling is happening, move completely away from the thought causing the experience. In other words do not engage with the thought at all and just let the feeling run its course.  Doing this is a constant meditation but sometimes the bliss that comes forth is just tremendous so I know I am making progress in my vast negative lifetime perceptions that need clearing.

Another helpful technique is to ask myself "Do I want to play with this?" for any situation or feeling.  Astoundingly enough, I found that when I ask this question, my Self within me absolutely knows the answer "Yes" of "No" immediately! This question has saved me countless hours of angst. Again this help was given by a "chance" encounter from a lovely women passing through town on her way to her new life in the UK.

One other is for all the difficult relationships affecting me at any time in my world, past or present, is to see in a meditation that I am sending back their energy as Neutral energy. This gives them back their originally created Self energy  previously centered on me. In giving them back their energy it automatically results in taking back my Self energy previously focused on them. This automatically deeply re energizes my own Self.  This is so positive, it feels loving and good to whomever it is going to and I feel peaceful and filled up with my lovely reclaimed original vibration.  Interestingly enough this is not a "Forgiveness" exercise at all, with none of the stories, but just a giving and receiving of the original loving vibration of Self for us both.

I believe my lovely Divine has especially set up this time for reflection for me.  I broke my fourth toe a few days before coming back from India and have just yesterday been able to get my foot into a shoe so that I could go back to the gym.  So, I have had four months of much less running around and have had to use my time in being with myself without distractions. It's all good. Just letting the inner truth role.

Will continue with this and see where this leads within and update as new techniques or insights come forth.  Wishing you the best of Now with every breath.  Namaste Catherine


 Sheila sent this as a testimonial in Albuquerque and has given me permission to share it.
"Just wanted to share a few lines about my experience.  Truthfully, my interest in Oneness was dwindling.  There were other speakers and teachers that I was listening to that were resonating more with me.  All good and the same or similar message.  Some here in the US.  However, one day in October 2012, I was speaking to Jan Lanning on the phone and she told me of a visiting woman who just came back from India.  She will be speaking at my house tomorrow Jan said.  I could sure use some good company right now.  May I come, I asked.  Of course she said, absolutely!

Little did I know what I was in for.  She actually spent the day with us, sharing her story from India and doing processes.  She said that Bhagavan asked her to share Kundalini with us.  Faithful to her mission she did just that.  She was unique in her leadership and teaching and I was very inspired.  Several things happened that day and I opened up again with renewed interest and energy and love for the Oneness process.  If anyone, maybe Alana, has her name and e-mail I would love to thank her personally.  Katherine is all I know her by and I may not have the spelling correct.

Since then, I have been talking to my Divine every day, many times a day, and wonderful things are happening.  It seems like everything is falling into place.  I even have a trip planned to go to India on January 19 for the Deepening.  I never thought that would happen."

Curious about the Kundalini?

 Please join me for a talk entitled Kundalini From the Inside Out.  Have your questions answered from personal experience. Gain insight into how you can prepare yourself to receive this spectacular gift from your Divine.  June 8, 2013. Communiversity, Royal Hall, Rm 203, 52nd St Between Rockhill and Holmes, UMKC Campus, KCMO
Just got back from Oneness University for the lastest 4 weeks of the Deepening and this time I was Certified Awakened!  What a fantastic experience this has been.  The aftermath is especially wonderful!!  Am looking forward to sharing my experience with you!